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Should You Be Doing Electrical Preventive Maintenance?  You Bet!


Preventive maintenance is not a new concept. People have been doing precautionary work on motors, engines, and other mechanical systems for decades. But when I suggest doing preventive maintenance on electrical distribution systems, I am often met with incredulous looks and the repeated question, "What for? Nothing moves — what could go wrong?"

Preventing Electrical Failure

A great deal can go wrong if an electrical distribution system is not adequately maintained. As electrical loads cycle between high and low demand, thermal expansion and contraction cause connections to loosen. Electrical panels that are never cleaned accumulate dust and dirt that deposit on these connections. The loose and dirty connections provide a high resistance path that are directly responsible for more than 30 percent of electrical failures. Another 17 percent of electrical failures are attributed to live electrical components being exposed to moisture. 

With a comprehensive electrical preventive maintenance program, both of these conditions — which account for almost half of all electrical losses — can be corrected. (See Table 1 below). 

 Top Causes of Electrical Distribution System Issues     

   Loose Connections/parts                              30.3%  

Moisture                                                           17.4%

Line Disturbance (other than   lightning) 10.4%  

Defective/inadequate   insulation                9.9%  

Lightning                                                           8.1%  

Foreign objects/short   circuiting                  7.3% 

Collision                                                            3.9%  

Overloading/inadequate   capacity             2.4%  

Accumulation of dust, dirt and   oil            2.2%  

All other causes                                               8.1%


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