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Welcome to REEDCO ELECTRIC in Phoenix

Welcome to REEDCO ELECTRIC in Phoenix

Welcome to REEDCO ELECTRIC in PhoenixWelcome to REEDCO ELECTRIC in PhoenixWelcome to REEDCO ELECTRIC in Phoenix

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 Why doesn't direct current (DC) give an electric shock, while alternating current (AC) gives a shock? 

 Shock is the layman's term for when a person becomes part of an Ohm's law equation. If you come in contact with any voltage (AC or DC), and you are also in contact with the ground (or provide a pathway phase to phase), you will have current flowing through you to ground (or another phase). How much current is the Ohm's law part (V = IR), where whether you receive a shock that's so mild that you don't even feel it (as is often the case with 12VDC) or a shock so severe it stops your heart and cooks your insides like a microwave oven would (an event known as "electrocution") is a function of 2 things:

  1. The voltage you come in contact with (voltage is electromotive force, or how hard the energy is being pushed), and
  2. Your body resistance to ground (which is a factor of body composition, humidity, whether you're sweating, whether you're barefoot vs. wearing boots, and a bunch of other stuff).

You can be shocked by 12VDC, or even less. Don't believe me? Grab a new 9V battery and touch it to your tongue. Now touch it to your hand. Tongue = low enough resistance that OUCH!
Hand = high enough resistance that no perceptible shock takes place.

This is also why birds and squirrels can sit on power lines without being shocked. They are exposed to voltages from 7.2kV to 33kV without any issues, because they are isolated from ground and all other phases. Occasionally, a squirrel will step from the line to the pole rather than jumping, at which time we have to take a moment of silence and hope that particular tree rat made his peace with Jesus. 

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